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World's Best Bird Gym

How to Pay for your Gym

We accept PayPal or Money Orders.
If you pay by PayPal, you will be notified within 24 business hours about when your purchase will be shipped. If you send a Money Order, you will be notified within 24 business hours of recieving the money order, about when your purchase will be shipped.
You will be notified by email, so always provide your email. If you forget to put your email address on the PayPal form or the Money Order, email me. If you don't, you will not be notified. Shipping insurance is always included
To pay by PayPal, just click the add to cart buttons.
To pay by Money Order see bottom of page for address. Specify what you are ordering on Form.
25% of all profits go to bird rescues. See About Us page to see what the rescue of the month is. You can request a rescue to be chosen as our "rescue of the month" by emailing us.
If you pay by money order, notify us by email the day you send it, especially if you are ordering custom, so that we can start building immediately and send as soon as payment is received.
If you are a pet store, or just someone who wants to sell our product in their area or at a bird fair, bulk buying is available.
Email us and specify how many you would like to buy, and what kind. We will reply within 2 business days with prices.
Testimonials, good or bad (but hopefully good!) are always welcome! When we get enough, we will put up a page for it!
Also you can email us if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you're just bored! :)

World's Best Bird Gym * 422 Nevins Street * Dunkirk * New York * 14048