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Natural Wood World's Best Gym

World's Best Bird Gym

     Base 1:
     Base 2:
     Overall Height:
Price: $102
Will ship within 3 weeks of received payment (have to custom order)


All hardware, toys, and wood in this gym are 100% completely bird safe. We can almost guarantee your bird will have tons of fun on here! It has everything a bird could want! A convenient toy box full of foot toys, ladders for climbing, a swing for swinging, lots of perching room, lots of fun chain toys, what more could a birdie ask for in a gym?
With the Natural Wood gym, you get even more! You will get 2 tempting cholla chews, 1/2"-1" thick natural wood perches, natural wood ladders, and a natural wood swing (you choose manzanita, ribbonwood, or guava as your natural wood!) Chewers will love these!
It's also easy to assemble for you, with color coded instructions. AND it's easy to clean!
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